Our Pricing Promise


We are the #1 budget friendly family academy in our area. If you just looked at the quality of our programs and our beautiful custom built 5,500+ square foot training facility you might think we were the most expensive academy in Charlotte, but Leadership Martial Arts has the unique philosophy that we should offer top quality instruction and training at prices that are affordable for the entire family.

We have several different training packages available for each program so you can choose the package that's right for you. We are priced competitively and offer our students a pricing promise unmatched by any of our competitors.  

Promise 1: No Belt/Rank Testing Fees

At Leadership Martial Arts, belt promotions are not for sale. Most schools make money from promotions by charging between $50-$150 for each rank test. By the time you earn your Black Belt these costs can accumulate to several thousand dollars. At Leadership Martial Arts you only cover the material cost of the belt and if you do your best we'll tie the new belt around your waist for free.  

Promise 2: No Registration/Sign Up Fees

At other martial arts schools and gyms you will find that registration fees can cost anywhere from $49-$199 just to join. We want to make starting your Martial Arts training as easy as possible and to help get you started we waive all registration fees with the exception of after school and summer camp. 

Promise 3: 2nd Family member 25% OFF / additional family 50% OFF

The old addage is 'families that kick together, stick together' and because we are a family Martial Arts academy we want to make training affordable so you can do it together, which is why all family members of adult, youth and little ninja students receive an amazing 25% off for the second family member and a 50% off discount for each additional family member.