Child Safety

Stranger danger, bully busters, age appropriate self defense techniques, and much more. We teach these concepts in a non-threatening environment through games, discussion and practice, with the comfort of parental involvement and trustworthy teachers.   

Character Development

 Striving to develop a good character is the facet that separates martial arts from other fitness programs and sporting activities.  Stories, games and other activities are used to reinforce positive character development and learning.  

Physical Development

While students are having fun with games and activities, they are developing motor skills appropriate for their age. This includes coordination skills, right and left side development, flexibility, muscle strength, timing, speed and mobility. 

Mental Growth

We teach through interactive lessons. We do not lecture, rather we make sure to get everyone involved, making learning both easier and more fun! Everything we teach is age specific to encourage learning and mental growth.  


Our curriculum is based on short term goals. By rewarding the achievement of many small goals over time the students build confidence and establish higher goals, not just in Martial Arts training but in all aspects of life.  


The Little Ninjas program is designed to build a groundwork for developing our students into future leaders. With the confidence, social skills, self-esteem, and discipline your child will develop, they are laying a foundation beyond what most 'normal' sports provide.