Renzo Gracie Brazilian JiuJitsu

Realistic Self-Defense


Law enforcement, military, secret services, bodyguard agencies, Bouncers, and cage fighters all practice Jiujitsu because of its proven record of success as a self-defense art. Joint locks, chokes and pins allow students to transcend physical differences to overcome larger more powerful opponents.  

More Thrilling Than A Gym Workout


Teens and adults enjoy the thrill of grappling! Each class you will learn powerful self-defense techniques designed to break bones, separate joints and crush appendages. Our students have a great attitude for learning and sharing that makes each class better than the last. You will find yourself smiling, sweating and learning alongside many new friends. 

Quality Counts


Earning a Black Belt in BJJ often takes 12-15 years of active training. We have several Black Belts in our academy.  Techniques are broken down into simple steps to make complex moves easy to understand and limit the number of techniques covered each class to ensure full comprehension.  

What is BJJ?

Brazilian JiuJitsu is a combat sport focusing on ground fighting. The focus is on using leverage to apply joint locks and chokes so that a smaller or weaker person can successfully defend them-self against a larger opponent. Grappling was popularized in the MMA and UFC arenas in the early 80's and continues to thrive in combat sport arenas largely due to the emphasis on live training. We practice both gi(uniform) and no-gi in alternating weekly rotations and cater to ages 8-14 in our Youth BJJ classes and ages 15+ in our adult program. 

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